Yellow Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Tiger's Eye is a popular protective stone. Roman soldiers wore Tiger's Eye into battle for protection. It has been carries as a talisman to ward of curses and ill will. It aids in the cohesion of random and unorganized thoughts, providing the focus needed to make dreams and goals come to fruition. Tiger's Eye enhances intuition and practical perception, grounding the wearer in reality and one's capabilities. Specifically, Yellow (or Gold) Tiger's Eye increases attention to detail and wards off complacency.

I often participate in meetings with high powered officials, and it is important that I continue to exude confidence. Listening intently for comprehension, while reading body language and determining what follow up questions should be asked requires a great deal of multi-tasking. Yellow Tiger's Eye is a must have for those with ambition, looking to move up the career ladder.

Fits up to 7.25" wrist