About Us

As a child I found myself enthralled with many different hobbies, my favorite of which was making jewelry.  Not to age myself, but do you remember the metallic, colored plastic strips you could cut into different shapes, layer, and put in the oven to meld them together?  That was one of my favorite activities as a kid.  I used to attend craft fairs and set up a table to sell melted plastic earrings.  Surprisingly, they would sell!  I later moved on to elaborate friendship bracelets and keychains.  And as I got older, my list of hobbies grew to include sewing and crocheting.  But jewelry always stuck with me.  I always knew I would start making pieces again, but not of the oven melted plastic variety.  Gemstones and crystals have always had a large presence in my life.  My grandfather and uncle often provided gifts of necklaces and earrings that at the time I didn't know much about.  After studying crystals and energy I knew I had found my calling.  I upgraded my materials and tools and began creating different items that I would wear or own.  As I become more enthralled in this business, I have increased my skills to create more unique jewelry.  So, make sure you continue to visit, as I have already started making some very creative works of art.  I hope you find a positive shift in your energy as I have when wearing and working with these crystals!

- C. Nicole