Picasso Jasper Bracelet

Picasso Jasper is actually not a Jasper, it is a limestone. The word beauty is attached to the crystal because of its ornate patterns that resemble those found in the namesake painter's artwork. Wearers often see the beauty in the world around them, within others and, most importantly, within themselves. The stone can increase creativity and enhance an artist's abilities. While meditating, Picasso Jasper can provide clarity and aid in clear thought processes.

Jasper in general is known as the "supreme nurturer", unifying all aspects of life. Tranquility and wholeness resonate through the wearer during times of stress. It provides determination to complete tasks, goals, and all pursuits. Jasper is a stimulant that brings dreams to fruition. It is also known to prolong sexual pleasure.

NSFW! Wear Picasso Jasper during intimate moments in the bedroom. Thank me later!

Fits up to 7.25" wrist