Sodalite Pendant Necklace

Sodalite unites the physical body with the higher consciousness. It can best be described as a connecting or pairing stone. Sodalite is useful in groups by providing solidarity in purpose. It can foster an environment of trust and interdependence. One's true self is recognized when using Sodalite during meditation, enhancing communication within and to those you wish to form lifelong bonds.

I suggest Sodalite for teammates, business partners, close friends, and people in romantic relationships. People looking to form or enhance permanent relationships should wear this stone. Gifting Sodalite to someone is a sign of importance of that person to you and their place in your life. When I walk down the aisle, I will be wearing Sodalite. And it can serve as my something blue (in addition to the something borrowed and something new)!

Each pendant measures approximately 1.25 inches and includes an 18-inch silver plated chain.  The pendant pictured will be similar to the one you receive, but may not be identical due to the natural formation of the crystal.