Carnelian Palm Stone

Carnelian is a unique crystal with unique properties. Wearers or holders can experience surges of energy and increased focus. Carnelian is known to drive innovation and groundbreaking ideas. Some of the world's most powerful leaders have been known to adorn themselves in Carnelian jewelry and breast plates, when facing battles. It has also been used to provide comfort in the transition from life to death.  Unlike other crystals, Carnelian does not require cleansing and has the ability to cleanse other stones.  I have a large bowl with Carnelian stones of varying sizes that I put my other crystals in before placing them in my Selenite bowls for charging.  

I started making working out a priority in my life. But there are days when I do not have the energy to get up and get excited about going to the gym. Carnelian gives me the push I need to go and have a productive workout. On particularly rough days, I wear a Carnelian bracelet on each wrist.