Ocean Jasper Saucer

Ocean Jasper provides strong feelings of peace and soothing powers. It encourages patience and calm, similar to the feelings one might receive while looking out at the ocean. The ability to cope with change is aided by Ocean Jasper. This crystal is particularly useful for those working in fields surrounding healing, such as doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and social workers. It can nurture yourself as you help others.

Jasper in general is known as the "supreme nurturer," unifying all aspects of life. Tranquility and wholeness resonate through the carrier during times of stress. It provides determination to complete tasks, goals, and all pursuits. Jasper is a stimulant that brings dreams to fruition. It is also known to prolong sexual pleasure.

These Ocean Jasper Saucers are great for holding your jewelry on your nightstand, safe keeping for your rings next to the kitchen sink, and for smudging (burning sage or Palo Santo sticks as pictured).  Ocean Jasper provides me with a deep sense of tranquility, especially while gazing into the intricacies unique to each stone. Because of this it is one of my go to gifts for friends and family. When I began meditating it was very difficult for me to keep my eyes closed and focus, so I would stare into Ocean Jasper and focus on its beauty to get to a focused and calm mindset.

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