Garnet Bracelet

Garnet is widely known as the stone of manifestation and protection. Because of these characteristics, those embarking on new endeavors or travels should carry or wear Garnet. It is also said to increase sexual potency by removing inhibitions, attracting compatible partners and adding to self-confidence. Wearing it will greatly increase one’s bodily strength, endurance, and vigor. With strong protective properties, Garnet is known to warn those of impending danger.

Garnet has ties to several ancient civilizations, including those of Egypt, Sweden, Mayan, Native American, and most notably in the Bible. It was one of the sacred stones in the high priest’s breastplate and it is said that the only light on Noah’s ark was provided by a giant garnet.

Garnet is my birthstone and I feel a special connection to this stone. This is not uncommon with crystal wearers with their birthstone. This is my go to on days when I want added confidence, focus and especially when I have a goal to achieve. I highly recommend this stone to others born in January!

Fits up to 7.25" wrist