Black Onyx Bracelet

Black Onyx is known to have metaphysical properties that can bring you in alignment with a higher power. It can also provide the boost needed to start a new journey to follow your dreams. Onyx is one of the strangest protection stones, providing a net of protection around your aura. There are several Biblical references to Onyx, including having been the middle stone in the High Priest's breastplate. Note: most beneficial when worn on the left side or around the neck.

Your aura, or inner light as many people refer to it, comes from within and emanates around you. Think of it as the magnetic energy you expel that can be felt by those around you. The protection of this energy is very important. I feel my aura is particularly vulnerable when I am anxious or nervous around people I know to be draining. Wearing Black Onyx when you are about to meet someone who has left you exhausted in the past will increase your shield against them and provide you with the intuition to know when it is time to leave. Protect your aura at all costs!

Fits up tp 7.25" wrist